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It Takes Courage

Embracing Courage

Recently, our team encountered a pivotal meeting with our executive sponsor, where we had to deliver challenging news that would significantly impact many individuals. Despite the inherent risks, we firmly believe that transparency is fundamental to achieving success. Navigating this high-stakes encounter required courage, a cornerstone of the Scrum Values.

Throughout the ordeal, we upheld openness, composure, and authenticity. In confronting this formidable situation, courage played a pivotal role, as is often the case in dynamic team environments. Whether addressing interpersonal conflicts, managing leadership interventions, or facing stakeholder pressures, each scenario presents an opportunity to demonstrate courage.

Reflecting on past experiences, it's useful to pinpoint areas for improvement. Have there been times when you needed courage? Did you have it? If so, how did you handle it? If not, how would you do things differently? If you handled it very well, have you considered ways you can help others when they’re navigating similar challenges?

Courage manifests in numerous facets of team dynamics, especially during the transition from Forming to Performing stages (see Bruce Tuckman’s team development model). Reflecting on your own journey, consider avenues for growth. Are there actions you would take differently? As we brace ourselves for future encounters requiring courage, here are actionable steps to cultivate and nurture it:

  1. Lead by Example: Showcase courage through actions such as advocating for the team and owning up to mistakes.

  2. Create a Safe Environment: Cultivate a psychologically secure space conducive to open dialogue.

  3. Encourage Risk-Taking: Embrace calculated risks and view failures as invaluable learning opportunities.

  4. Foster Open Communication: Prioritize transparent communication and constructive feedback.

  5. Celebrate Victories: Acknowledge and commemorate instances of courage within the team.

  6. Commit to Continuous Improvement: Reflect on experiences and adapt to develop greater courage over time.

Have you experimented with any of these strategies? I'd love to hear how you've exercised courage in your journey. If you’re willing to share, please send me an email.

In-person classes!

I’m taking it on the road again. Yay! I’ve got two private, in-person workshops in May, and in August my partner, Winnow Management, and I are teaming up to deliver a week of in-person classes in Madison, Wisconsin. The first class will be a CSM®, and we’re giving people an opportunity to vote on what the second class should be: ACSM, CSPO, or the new ACS-CF (Facilitation). If you’d consider a class in Wisconsin, please go vote to help us schedule the 2nd in-person class. Vote here. We’ll let you know what the most popular choice is, in case it is something you or a colleague might be interested in. 

Sticky Agile is a Sponsor!

We’re excited to share that we're sponsoring the Global Scrum Gathering in New Orleans in May (#GSGNO24). If you will be there, check out our booth in the Showcase area on Monday (one day only). It would be awesome to connect with you. It’s not too late to get signed up if you can get it approved quickly. 

Cocktails and Conversation 

Last quarter we had so much fun that we decided to do our Cocktails and Conversation event quarterly.  We’d love to have you join us for a free opportunity to network, ask questions, or just hang out for fun.  We do need you to register so we can get the login details to you.  Click on the picture to do that or to just get more details.

And Finally.... Visual Facilitation

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Regional Scrum Gathering in Cape Town, South Africa. During the event, I engaged in speaking and mentoring activities and managed to attend some sessions myself. One session that particularly intrigued me was focused on enhancing visual aids for facilitating. While I'm still in the learning phase, I'm eager to improve. If you share this interest, let me know (you can just reply to this email)! I'm considering arranging a session with an expert and it would be great to gauge interest levels. It would be so fun to embark on this learning journey together as students.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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