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Leadership Development

As someone who is seeking leadership development, it’s important that you learn from people who are leaders themselves.


Discover your passions

With your guide, find out what skills and techniques you need to succeed. 

Choose your journey

Your guide will work with you to create a development plan that allows for multiples ways to reach your goals. 


Engage with your guide

Our team is here to serve you. Bounce ideas, try new techniques, or simply asking questions, your guide will be there to light the way.



Alongside your coach, you can achieve your personal or professional desires.

Here are some ways to grow into your leadership role:

Immerse yourself in Certified Agile Leadership Training.

Work one on one with an experienced coach to forge your personal leadership journey.

Work with an experienced coach to facillitate your team or organizational growth.

“Lonnie did a fantastic job at engaging the class through an interactive workshop and shared a wealth of Scrum knowledge. She is clearly an expert in the field of Agile and Scrum."

Joe B

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