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Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitation


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2 days

About the Course

Facilitation supports groups of people as they collaborate, create, and make decisions. 

The Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitator (ACS-CF) course provides training for anyone interested in developing their facilitation mindset and knowledge while learning from experienced agile practitioners.

Completing this course is also a way forward on the path for those who want to become Certified Agile Coaches. Facilitation is one of the many tools essential to coaching, and this course will equip you to develop and hone the skill.

Get started today and search for an ACS-CF course. This certification is new and we are in the process of adding more classes. If you don't see a course in your area, please use the interest form at the bottom of this page to get notified when more courses are available.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover what a facilitator is and what they do

  • Practice the mindset of a neutral facilitator

  • Learn how to facilitate teams through conflict

  • Understand the needs of different teams

  • Apply the skillset before, during, and after a facilitation event

Upcoming Classes

Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitation

Mon, Dec 4th - Tues, Dec 5th, 2023 9:00 - 5:00 PM EDT

Agile Coaching Skills - Certified Facilitation with Lonnie and Judy

Mon. Sept 18 & Tue Sept 19, 2023 9:00 AM

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