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Hello From Lonnie

Last Spring I was in Portland, Oregon, when I ran into a few former students at the Scrum Alliance’s conference called The Scrum Gathering. It was so fun visiting with them and that inspired me to stay connected with you through a newsletter and blog! It is the best feeling to know some of you are continuing in your Scrum journey. 


Have you ever been to a Scrum Gathering? They’re so much fun and our next North American one is in New Orleans in the Spring of 2024, unless you can go to the European one this fall in Amsterdam! If you ever go, you must reach out to me first so we can plan to do a lunch together. 

I’m still volunteering in my local animal rescue community, and we just adopted a new dog – a puppy!  Puppies don’t land in rescue very often, so we got excited, but we now wonder – ‘what were we thinking’. Ha ha!  Here’s a picture of Miss Betty Lou, the Boxer.

My colleague and I merged our companies, so I am now a partner at our new company called Sticky Agile!  I’m super excited about the clever name and our cool logo.  What do you think about it?


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Have a great Summer!




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