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Take your agile practice up a notch.

We enable organizations around the world to reach their full potential with their agile practices.


What we do

The practice of Agile is simple. The challenge is when organizations attempt to change their overall mindset.


This is where Sticky Agile steps in to help your organization transform to become an agile organization, not just simply “do Scrum.” 

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"They made Agile actually stick for our business."

About Us

Sticky Agile was founded because we recognize that despite the effort organizations were expending, the agile learnings just weren’t sticking.



Of Collective Leadership Experience



Coached & Served



of Collective Agile 




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Holistic Coaching

We make sure your organization has the tools it needs to make Agile Stick. With the unwavering support of our coaches, your team will gain the confidence to do their best work. Our job as your coach is to work ourselves out of a job.

Inspiring Consultation

We inspire and support your organization through your Agile transformation by providing a clear understanding of concepts, with real world tips, and stories. We find the missing pieces in your current agile practice, and identify what next steps should be taken to fill the gaps.

Training and Certification

Take your skills to the next level with our interactive immersive workshops that equip you with the credentials to further your career. In addition to certification opportunities, Sticky Agile offers topical workshops to hone your skills in a variety of different subject areas.

Leadership Development

As someone who is seeking leadership development, it’s important that you learn from people who were leaders themselves.

Mentoring and Office Hours

Sometimes you just need help. Grab an hour (or less!) with our consultants and coaches to get your questions answered!

Our Services

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