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Summer is Winding Down

As the summer winds down, I type this outside enjoying the sun and warm air before a cool Minnesota fall is on us, I ponder about what topics you’d appreciate. Then it hits me… “ask the team.” So rather than writing about what I think you’d like to know, I’d like to hear what’s important to you. If you have a moment, will you please answer one of these questions by replying to this email?


·       What do you wish you knew when you were new to Agile?

·       What has been your most challenging “Scrum – Buts” to fix?

·       What kinds of topics could you still use help on?

Thank you for helping to build our “Topic Backlog”.   

One of you asked about the details around renewing your Scrum Alliance certification and membership. Continuous learning is required to renew for a few reasons. It helps us keep up with the latest ideas, we’re continuing to grow our skills, it demonstrates to employers that we’re committed to Agile, and our community of Agile practitioners is stronger. All of this is important so that we can continue to “do better Scrum”.


To renew, everyone needs to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs) depending on the number of certifications and which certifications they have.  Descriptions of the number of SEUs required are here. Typically, one hour of learning equates to one SEU. So, how are SEUs earned?


There are several ways to earn SEUs and the Scrum Alliance provides many free awesome learning opportunities and online lessons. Click here to see where they are on the Scrum Alliance website. Keep in mind that many of these resources are a benefit for current Scrum Alliance members only, so logging in is required to take advantage of many of them. 

Once SEUs are earned, we enter them on our Scrum Alliance “Dashboard”. If you have problems logging in or your certification is inactive, reach out to the Scrum Alliance directly at to send an email for help.



Of course, a fast way earn SEU’s is coming to a Scrum Gathering. The October one is probably unrealistic for most since it is coming up quickly and it is in Amsterdam, but the Spring 2024 Gathering in New Orleans is a great option. They are lots of fun and it’s a great way to learn, get reenergized, and meet other “Agilists”.


I’m excited to share that I was selected to speak at the October Scrum Gathering. I mean Amsterdam! How cool is that?! I have never been there, so if you know of any visitor “musts” please let me know. As I delve deeper into my topic, I’ll share details.


Finally, I want to highlight that Sticky Agile has a very special women’s retreat in Florida this November. Participants can earn either a CSM® or an A-CSM®, or just come to refresh their current certification and strengthen their skills by repeating a class.  It includes the workshop, mentoring, networking, building a personal improvement backlog, and optional yoga! Please share this with any women who might like to join us. Registration closes the last week of September so don’t delay. Details here!

Until next time,



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